Everyday I’m Shoveling: Winter Slip & Falls

Winter is here and once again bringing cooler temperatures, shorter days and piles of snow.

During the winter months, businesses and homeowners must find a solution to properly remove snow and ice from their public walkways in a timely manner to prevent slip and falls.snowy-street-554957_1920

Each municipality has their own snow removal process and sidewalk clearing requirements. But there is also an American National Standard that snow and ice management services can use as guidance. While these guidelines might seem like common sense, these standards are set in place to establish basic thresholds to provide safer conditions for vehicle and pedestrian traffic.


4.2.2   Snow-plowing basics    Safety considerations during operations

d) Do not pile snow in a manner that impedes view down any street    Plowing practices

g) Do not leave a ridge of snow where the sidewalk meets the parking area/aisle   Placement of snow

a) If snow can be removed from a lot or hard surface and appropriate room exists, always push the snow as far back as possible beyond the curb or lot edge to make room for additional snow

 c) Do not pile snow in a handicap parking space

 e) Avoid placement of snow piles where thaw/melt off can run across the parking lot surface. Try to place piles near drain grates to avoid icy situations during thaw-and-refreeze periods

 h) Do not block pedestrian walks or paths with snow piles


Without being properly managed, snow can create unnecessary visual obstructions and hazards. These guidelines help to give guidance and provide safety when inclement weather hits.