Forensic Engineering Services

Serving the Legal and Insurance Communities as well as Municipalities, Developers and Planning Entities

Bergman Engineering provides forensic engineering assessments, reports and expert witness services in civil engineering and associated disciplines. Our complete range of services includes the following:

Premises Liability


Cases and claims vary widely from a building collapse to “slip & fall” incidents. We assist in accidents and injuries that occur on a property due to unsafe conditions, poor property upkeep, or any act that leads the risk  of individual safety on a premises.


Construction Defects


Bergman Engineering’s extensive experience in the field of construction includes the planning, design and maintenance of structures in the “built environment.” Our expertise includes construction materials, structural engineering and a wide variety of construction methods.


Job-Site Safety


Our hands-on Job-Site Safety experience includes the monitoring of construction for commercial, residential and industrial development from ground-breaking through ribbon cutting. It involves both interior, exterior and specialty environments.


Design Liability / Professional Liability


Design professionals are required to “protect the public health, safety and welfare,” and the vast majority do. However, the plans for a project can be brought into question through an “affidavit of merit.”


Accident Reconstruction


Bergman Engineering provides the technical understanding of the “how, what, why and when” of an accident. From evaluating police reports to field investigation, measurements and data collection, we provide the traffic engineering expertise that others can’t.


Codes and Standards


The writing, evaluation and understanding of codes and standards is germane to civil engineering provided the engineer has the requisite experience. Bergman Engineering has written project specifications to ensure compliance and provided rigorous analysis to evaluate potential violations.


ADA Compliance


The Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) prohibits the discrimination of persons with disabilities. This includes the access in, out and around buildings, parking lots, public spaces, pedestrian environments and wherever it can be expected people might travel.


Traffic & Transportation


Bergman Engineering has evaluated hundreds of cases and claims involving traffic and transportation. This includes traffic/pedestrian counts, traffic signals, traffic control, work zone analysis, safety reviews and accident investigations.


Highway & Street Design


Bergman Engineering has planned, designed, constructed and maintained thousands of lane mile of roadway. This includes the associated infrastructure such as traffic signals, storm drainage, line striping, guardrails, curbs, gutters and sidewalks.


Traffic Engineering


Bergman Engineering’s experience includes trail, roadway, signage for motorized and non-motorized vehicles (bicycles & pedestrians). The tragedy of a pedestrian or bicyclist being struck requires careful examination of the matter and understanding of the complex codes and standards that apply.


Utilities Construction


Bergman Engineering has evaluated matters involving trench collapse and settlement arising from the construction of utilities. Example utilities include potable water, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, cable and electrical. Complexities such as worker injury are often involved in such cases and claims.


Storm Drainage


Bergman Engineering provides design services in numerous municipal jurisdictions to size and locate storm drainage facilities. The provided design services afford plaintiff and defendants knowledge and understanding of the many considerations and requirements for proper storm drainage.


Walkway Surface Evaluations


Pedestrian slip-trip-and-fall incidents occur both inside buildings and in surrounding environments outside. Bergman Engineering provides clients with a resource to evaluate the walkway surface, lighting measurements and fall mechanics enabling clients to make informed decisions.


Concrete & Asphalt Pavement Evaluations


Bergman Engineering provides consultation on sealed asphalt parking lots, concrete roadways and asphalt trails. These evaluations include the adequacy of the design for the pavement section or seal coat. Some evaluations require chemical and specialty testing laboratories where Bergman is the technical liaison.