How to Be a “Roll” Model

Share the road.

The summer months bring pedestrians and cyclists of all ages outside to enjoy the warm weather. Bicycles can offer many health and environmental benefits and are a great exercise and recreation tool. However, they are also considered vehicles on the road. Therefore cyclists, like motorists, must be knowledgeable of road safety.share the road

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), cyclists account for 2% of all motor vehicle fatalities. Most of these fatalities occur later in the day, between 4 p.m. and midnight in urban areas. The cyclist and driver can both be at fault when it comes to a crash, but the cyclist is more likely to be the one injured or even killed as a result.

Many crashes could simply be avoided if all cyclists and motorists followed:

The NHTSA Rules of the Road

For Drivers:

car snip     Do not turn in front of a bicyclist – Yield to a bicycle as you would another vehicle on the road.

car snip     Look before backing up – Observe your surrounding for pedestrians, cyclists and other vehicles.

car snip     Do not pass too closely – Move into the adjacent lane when possible and give yourself plenty of room to pass the cyclist.

car snip     Obey the traffic laws – Obey the speed limit, stop completely at stop signs and look in your rearview mirrors for unexpected approaching cyclists.

car snip     Turn off your cell phone – Keep your eyes on the road at all times.

For Cyclists:

bicycle snip    Ride in the correct direction – Ride with the flow traffic, not against.

bicycle snip    Ride in a straight, predictable pattern – Avoid swerving into the path of a motorist.

bicycle snip    Follow the same rules as a motorist – Do not ride through a red light or stop sign.

bicycle snip    Signal your intentions – Use hand signals and look over your shoulder before changing lanes.

bicycle snip    Wear bright, reflective clothing – Make yourself visible to oncoming drivers, especially at night.


It is important for both cyclists and motorists to be observant of each other’s behavior. Traffic can be unpredictable but by following these suggested protocols drivers and cyclists can safely share the road this summer.