Remove your Blindfold: Foggy Roadways

Spring is usually marked with potholes, orange construction signs and foggy roadways, which can create hazardous driving conditions if you’re not paying attention. Fog is statistically among the most dangerous driving hazards, according to the Federal Highway Administration because it can act as a blindfold and distort your perception of the road and objects ahead.

Fog is produced when warm, wet air mixes with cold surfaces, usually occurring in the morning or evening. Fog can instantly move from a light mist to a thick covering decreasing visibility, so it is important to be alert and not underestimate the hazardous conditions that can come about.


If you find yourself driving in fog, follow these J.D. Power recommended strategies:


  • Slow down and drive at a reasonable speed for the conditions.
  • Use your low beam headlights – your high beams will reflect the moisture in the air and further reduce your visibility.
  • Minimize any distractions in your vehicle.
  • Avoid passing or changing lanes.
  • Increase your following distance, giving more space to motorists ahead of you.


Weather can be unpredictable so ensure safety is top of mind if you find yourself traveling in foggy conditions.